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Reading in English is often slow and frustrating.

❌ You have to look up lots of words in the dictionary, which takes a long time.

❌ When you finally get to the end of the text, you’re still not sure if you’ve actually understood it!

What to read? It's hard to find texts that will challenge you and help you improve... but not be so difficult and discouraging that you stop trying.

Many English learners have negative feelings about reading: 📖👎🏻

Instead of enjoying it, they feel like it's too hard, too slow, and too boring.

That's why I created the Reading Course:

to help you practice reading in English, improve your comprehension, and learn and practice new vocabulary.

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Step-by-step lessons to help you read, understand, and enjoy:


Read the article (native-speaker level) and learn the vocabulary


Do the exercises to test your understanding and practice vocabulary


Practice writing, and send in your text for feedback from a teacher ✅

Lesson List

  • Eight Fascinating Facts About Coffee
  • Nine Jobs That No Longer Exist
  • Amazing Celebrations Around the World
  • Amelia Earhart: America’s Pioneering Female Pilot
  • It’s the Best Time to Be Alive
  • Biggest Business Blunders
  • Conspiracy Theories That Were True
  • Cultural Perceptions of Time
  • Cyberbullying On the Rise
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence
  • Drowning in Debt
  • All About Esperanto
  • Finland’s Approach to Education
  • Common Health and Exercise Myths Debunked
  • Helicopter Parents
  • History’s Heroic Dogs
  • Interesting Recent Inventions
  • The Dark Side of International Adoption
  • Meditation: Ancient and Modern
  • How to Stay Motivated
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Parenting Styles Around the World
  • Disastrous Dating Pet Peeves
  • The Challenge of Reducing Poverty
  • Rejection Therapy
  • Seven Unusual Hotels
  • Three Fascinating Shipwrecks
  • Songs That Changed the World
  • SpaceX and Its Plan to Colonize Mars
  • Four Strange Sports
  • Fame After 40
  • The Origins of Disney
  • The Psychology of Advertising
  • What’s the Deal with Tipping?
  • Famous Unsolved Crimes
  • History of U.S.-Cuba Relations
  • Vaccines
  • Stories Behind Famous World Landmarks
  • World’s Most Expensive Foods
  • Young Entrepreneurs
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