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If your English pronunciation is not clear, you will have lots of problems communicating!

People often won’t understand you.

They just look at you in confusion...

or they might frown and say, “What?”

This is VERY embarrassing.

Pronunciation problems make you lose confidence in your English.

You begin to doubt yourself...

And then it will be even more difficult to speak next time, because you’ll be worrying about whether or not people will understand your English.

If your pronunciation is not good, it will be hard to speak English successfully.


Good news: You CAN improve your English pronunciation!

It's just like doing exercise at the gym: 💪

Do the pronunciation exercises...

Keep doing them consistently...

And you'll get better pronunciation and stronger English speaking skills.

The result:
You'll be able to speak English more
clearly, confidently, and correctly!

Imagine native speakers understanding you easily and even complimenting you on your English.

Imagine being confident that whenever you speak English, you will be able to communicate successfully.

That's why I created... the
American English Pronunciation Course
+ Shadowing with Shayna Course

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Get instant access to
Effective pronunciation training
+ Professional evaluation

Practice all the sounds of American English by listening to and repeating sounds, words, and phrases

Master the differences between similar sounds, to avoid embarrassing mistakes

Learn to speak more naturally and continuously by practicing connecting words and sentences

Get a professional pronunciation evaluation by an Espresso English teacher!

Meet your teacher

Hi, I’m Shayna – the teacher here at Espresso English! I’ve helped more than 10,000 students like you, from all over the world, improve their English through my clear and practical lessons.

With more than 10 years of teaching experience, I know how to get you the results you want from your English learning, without wasting your time.

See what's inside:

Clear video lessons teaching you in just 10 minutes a day:

Hundreds of listen-and-repeat pronunciation exercises:

Downloadable text of all lessons:

Audio MP3s for learning on the go:

Student Story: Marcia became an American citizen!

“I’m from Brazil but I live in the U.S. since 2009, married to an American citizen. When I came here, my English was poor, just for survival. My pronunciation was terrible and I had lots of difficulty understanding spoken English."

“The American English Pronunciation Course was exactly what I needed. In 30 days my pronunciation improved fast, my English is much better and I’m feeling more confident. Everybody noticed my performance.”

"Now I'm here to share a very special and important time in my life:


Join the courses and start speaking English more like an American!

American English Pronunciation Course


30 lessons

✅ Teacher evaluation of your pronunciation


Shadowing with Shayna Course


30 lessons

✅ Teacher evaluation of your pronunciation

BOTH Pronunciation + Shadowing Courses

$60 $45

60 lessons

✅ Two pronunciation evaluations!


3,000+ students love these courses!

“I like listening to your explanation and then to repeat! My pronunciation improved a lot. I recorded myself and so I could hear it! I was proud of myself!"

- Susanne

“I liked the sounds of letters and I practiced. I loved this course because it helped me pronounce the words and stress and syllables.”

- Nazia

“I enjoy your Pronunciation Course. It’s convenient that every lesson takes approximately 10 minutes, and I like the structure of the lessons."

- Tatyana

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in this course?

The American English Pronunciation Course focuses on practicing and perfecting all the sounds of English. It covers all the vowel and consonant sounds, with exercises to help you differentiate similar sounds (ex. sit / seat) and work on difficult sounds (ex. TH).

In the Shadowing with Shayna Course, you’ll train your pronunciation further by simply listening & repeating whole phrases after me. I say a phrase and leave a pause so you can repeat it immediately, imitating my pronunciation and intonation.

Can I try a free lesson before I join?

Yes! Click here to take lesson 1 for free.

How long will I have access to the course?

Your access is instant and permanent – there’s NO TIME LIMIT!

You can study at your own pace, and review anytime in the future.

How does the pronunciation evaluation work?

You'll send in two recordings of yourself speaking - one reading a text aloud, and the other one speaking spontaneously - so we can get a full picture of your pronunciation.

A teacher on the Espresso English team will listen to your recordings and send you detailed feedback on your pronunciation, including individual sounds, connection of words, and overall flow of speaking - to help you know what you're doing well and what to continue practicing!

How can I pay? Is it safe?

We accept credit cards and PayPal.

Yes - all payments go through a secure connection that protects your information!

What if I have questions or need help?

You can always e-mail us and we're happy to help!

Are you ready to speak English like an American?

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