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English grammar can be complicated, confusing, and hard to use.

😵 When to use the 12 different verb tenses and 30+ different prepositions?

😰 How can you create more advanced and complex sentences?

😬 When do we follow the grammar rules... and when are there exceptions?

❌ How can you avoid embarrassing grammar mistakes?

🗨️ How can you use grammar naturally, without thinking too much about it?

You need the RIGHT kind of lessons to help you master English grammar:

Lessons that will help you...

SEE grammar in action

UNDERSTAND clearly how it works

USE grammar correctly yourself!

Learn & practice advanced English grammar - so you can use it correctly and confidently!

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Inside this course, you will...


Plus conditionals, modal verbs, passive voice, question formation, and reported speech.


that native English speakers use.


How to use nouns, articles, possessives, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs correctly.


Test yourself with quizzes in every lesson.


Using a variety of prepositions and other essential linking words in English.


Use the grammar yourself, and send in your writing for personal evaluation and feedback!


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"This is a great course! The way that you explain everything is very clear, and I love putting it into practice."

- Paula

"It was sensational - all the lessons, exercises, and the teacher feedback. My grammar improved so much."
- Victor

"You've made the grammar easy to understand. I'm so glad I've joined, and I'm really enjoying my time learning!"
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Your English teacher

Hi, I’m Shayna – the teacher here at Espresso English! I’ve helped more than 10,000 students like you, from all over the world, improve their English through my clear and practical lessons. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, I know how to get you the results you want from your English learning, without wasting your time.

Questions & Answers

What level is this course?

This course is great for students who are upper-intermediate level and above.

(Intermediate students can also join… if you’re ready for a challenge!)

These are general indications you might be ready for an advanced grammar course:

  • You’ve studied English for more than 3 years
  • You’re at B2 level or above
  • You’ve read my Basic & Intermediate English grammar e-books, and you’d like to continue to a more advanced level

How much time does it take?

About 15 minutes a day!

I designed these lessons for busy people - you'll learn LOTS of English in LITTLE time.

How will I practice and get help from a teacher?

Each lesson includes two ways to practice what you’re learning:

A quiz or worksheet to practice the specific grammar from the lesson. You can do the exercises and check your answers yourself.

Each lesson includes a writing task (2-3 short paragraphs) which you can send in to our teaching team. A teacher will evaluate your text and send it back to you.

This is your chance to get feedback from a native English speaker and expert teacher!

How long will I have access?

When you join, your access is permanent. No time limit!

Study anytime now or in the future. 😃

How can I pay? Is it safe?

You can pay with a credit card or with PayPal.

All payments are made through a secure connection that protects your information!

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