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Do you ever wonder...
"Am I making mistakes in my English?"

😰 If you make a grammar mistake, will people laugh at you or think you're stupid?

😟 If you use the wrong word, will you fail to communicate your ideas?

😬 If your pronunciation is incorrect, will people not understand what you want to say?

⚠️ Fear of mistakes makes you hesitate and lose confidence in your English skills.

But the truth is...

💡 Mistakes are an opportunity to learn!

When you know the most common errors, you can avoid them...

So you can speak English more confidently 🗨️😃

Learn how to avoid 200 common errors made by English learners:

  • Grammar mistakes
  • Vocabulary mistakes
  • Pronunciation mistakes
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Mistakes in learning method, study strategy, and mindset

The 200 Common Errors Course features:


Video, audio, and text formats - so you can learn by watching, listening, or reading!


Helping you practice and review easily - and test yourself to be sure you've mastered the lessons.


Study at your own pace anytime, anywhere, now or in the future

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